Vue.js Goes 2.0 and Geek Mental Health Week





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Benjamin Listwon

October 4 · Issue #2 · View online

Brief dispatches on a variety of development topics from the desk of a veteran beginner.

It’s not easy to reason with the way one feels. —Marisa Svalstedt
Over the course of the last half-decade, the biggest personal challenge I’ve faced has been a struggle with my inability to apply reason and logic (usually helpful in a software development career) to my feelings. 
The Limbic System, it turns out, is not a finite state machine.
So, I’m taking a break from blogging this week, to work on my other personal project, A Life Alone, as my humble contribution to the discussion that’s happening for Mental Help Week this year.
Being a “geek” or “nerd” or person in the tech industry doesn’t mean we necessarily face anxiety, depression or stress that is different from anyone else, but it does mean we might empathize more easily with our peers and their stories through familiar experience.
The stories you’ll find on Geek Mental Help—be sure to check out previous years as well—cover issues that are relevant to the tech community. But they also take on subjects familiar to any sufferer (loss, anxiety, etc) from wide range of voices within our community.
Whether you’re a sufferer, someone who cares for one, or are just curious, please do check out some of the stories.
(PS: There’s Vue.js, and other updates below as well.)

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