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Awesome videos, tuts and repos, Vue hits 30K stars, and Yarn


Benjamin Listwon

October 12 · Issue #3 · View online

Brief dispatches on a variety of development topics from the desk of a veteran beginner.

Hello everyone!
I’m a day behind this week, as Monday was a day off here for the kiddos to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day here in Seattle. But that also means I’ve been able to collect an extra days worth of goodies for y'all.
Now that I’ve made it through last week’s heap of work, I’ll get back to posting on the blog. The next couple of posts look at some topics a couple folks emailed me about, and that I see a lot online: “How do I integrate library XYZ with Vue.js?” and “How can I extend a Vue component to do XYZ?”
Keep an eye open for them, or just chill until next week’s email drop.

Tweet of the Week
Vue.js on Twitter: "30,000 stars!"
If you just came out of cryofreeze, you may not have heard about Facebook’s release of Yarn, an npm-friendly package manager with some great new features.
Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript
Yarn is Facebook’s new lightning fast package manager for JavaScript
Vue 2.0 Book Is Out
I stumbled upon Majesty of Vue.js a little while back on Leanpub, and now the 2.0 version of the book is available.
Majesty of Vue.js… by Alex Kyriakidis et al.
Vue.js Titiles at Leanpub
Videos From Laracon EU
The video for sessions at this years Laracon EU got added to Youtube this week. I’ve only managed to watch about ¼ of them so far, but they’ve all been great, and chock full of info and ideas.
Evan You - Modern Frontend with Vue.js
Hannes Van De Vreken - IOC container beyond constructor injection
Tutorial Awesomeness
If you do any single Vue.js tutorial or need to recommend one to someone just starting out with Vue, make it this one.
Introduction · Jayway Vue.js workshop
GitHub Repos of the Week
I stumbled upon so much goodness over on GitHub this past week. Here’s the repos I got some great mileage out of already.
vue-awesome: Font Awesome component for Vue.js, using inline SVG.
Pointer: Provide point events for DOM elements
Gesture: Provide tap-events for DOM elements: tap, longtap, doubletap, hold, fling
vue-rx: Simple RxJS binding for Vue.js.
I hope you find some of the above useful. Stay tuned for updates to the blog, and I’ll see you next week.
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